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November, December and January

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Rates: $200 per person per day,
plus $50 for food & lodging


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Fishing at River Ridge

January 1 - May 31


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June 1 - December 31

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White Bass Season is Here!

Jane Gallenbach
It's time to plan your white bass trip!


 Booking Now!

2 people fishing  $325.00   3rd person  $75.00

Package:  2 people  $375.00    3rd person $100.00
--includes lodging, breakfast, sack lunch, cleaning fish, guided trip

   Give us a call  903.407.0130
or Tom's cell  903.263.6271


2019 was a great white bass season.
Plan your trip now and call us to book a trip for 2020.
We are already over half booked.  We had the best season ever.
We caught limits in all three boats from Feb 8 thru March 24.
We have never done that!!!!   Awesome year!!!

Thanks to all our great clients and the fish for cooperating with us!


Fishing 2019



George III, George IV
Warren 50 white bass
Tommy Fritz, Cab Craig,
Dale Fritz  75 white bass
Jamie, Jasper, Tony
Savana  75 white bass


Steve Spencer, Danny 
Webb  50 white bass
Rick Poth, David Austin
50 white bass
Jeffrey Poole, Gilber Castro,
Willie Contello  75 white bass



Peggy & Larry Young
50 white bass
Charlie &    
Mattingly  50 white bass
Pollo Ostigin, Richard
Boughel   50 white bass



Glen Erickson, James Pekema,
Wayne Klemcke, Tom Chiles
2 days 50 white bass per boat
each day
Scott Crum , George
Mohrmaan  50 white bass
AJ & Rykker Willenberg
50 white bass



Patrick Williams, Steve
LaFollette  50 white bass
Sharon Varble, Cindy
Odahlen  50 white bass
Ryan Pierce, Doug & Brandon
Oldham   75 white bass



Randy Pressgrove, Donna
Roberts  50 white bass
two days

David Schaaetzle, Charlie
Owsley   50 white bass
Kris Anenber, Keith Cruthirds,
Emily Anenberg  
75 white bass



Turnage, Nevean, Nathanael
Carr  75 white bass
Fred Hines , Peyton
Acord  50 white bass
Mike Treat, Chuck
Miller 50 white bass



Matt Quin & Keith
Giblin 50 white bass
Loren & Dee Cother
50 white bass
Cathy Romans, Bob McClelland,
Trevor Romans  75 white bass



Cody Wells & Chance
Keener 50 whitebass
Frank & Sherri Jennings
50 whitebass
Doug & Darlene Twitty
50 whitebass



Kyle Garland, Taryn &
Andy Allen 75 whitebass
Robert, Lisa, & Paeton
Broxton, 75 whitebass
Carl Haddad, Ron Marshall
50 whitebass



Joe Ray Delacruz &
Grant Murray 50 whitebass
Garrett & Bill
Whittington 50 whitebass
Marie & John
Gossling 50 whitebas



Fenton & John Mego
50 white bass
Shannon & Neil Brighton
50 white bass
Jeff, Trevor & Travis
Bean  75 white bass



 Alex & Frank Lubrano
50 white bass
 Tom Brookenbash, Danny
Cox, Steve Standish
75 white bass
 John Mego, Rob Porter
50 white bass



 Tina & Cash Kowis         Blake & Bruce Bernard    Paul McKelvy & George Michie
50 white bass                   50 white bass                 50 white bass

Wayne Cox, Robert Arnold,
David Youngblood
75 white bass
James McDonald, Bill
Haskett, Bubba Fife
75 white bass

Robert Collins, James Mahdak
50 white bass


Nita Paul & Rob Corbett
50 white bass
John, Jack, & Jeff Sweet
75 white bass
Jeff & Daryl Wigington
50 white bass


Bruce Kelley & Pat Mcentee
50 white bass
Richard Engelhart & Keith
Folse  50 white bass
Jack Hutson, Ray Fitzpatrick, 
Chris Lenzsch 75 white bass


Monty & Janet Helencamp
50 white bass
Suzanne & Daryl Roberts
50 white bass
Mark Sr., Gay, & Mark Jr.
Norton 75 white bass


Robert Collins & Roy Laird
50 white bass
Don Ray & Rick Smith
50 white bass
Frank Lubrano & Steve 
McDonald 50 white bass


Joe Mac & Jake Newnham
50 white bass
 Ron Pollock & Bob Plunkett
50 white bass
 Russel & Ben Copeland
50 white bass


John & Jace Bigler
50 white bass
Gerhard & Tian Visser
50 white bass
Ed Nash & John Krus
50 white bass


 Lindsay, Steve, Stephanie
Knippel  75 white bass
Bruce & Jaso Monn, Steve 
Knippel 75 white bass
Bill Slusser, Patsy Rydel, &
Mike Slusser  75 white bass


 Jasper Savana & Tony Weaver
50 white bass
 Leon Hicks, Earl Hines, Gearld
Flatten 75 white bass


Larry Wilson & Billy Blocker
50 white bass
Sherri Johnson & Randy Moore
50 white bass


 Greg & Grant Gensengr & Frank Lubrano
75 white bass
 Bill, Ryan, Brek &
Scout Blair, Scott Shipp
125 white bass
Jessica & Jarod Sinn, Andy Tenery 
75 white bass 2 days


 Evan Ovalline, Neil Brady, Robert Kowis, Phil Portugal
2 boats, 50 white bass each boat
 Frank Lubrano & Greg Nemgl 50 white bass Richard McQueen, Mike Adams
Pat Watlington
75 white bass


Mike & John Guillot
50 white bass
Skipper Dickson & Craig Lewis
50 white bass


 James & Errol Miller 
50 white bass
 Shannon Schott, Neil & Eric
Brighton  75 white bass


Jane Gallenbach
903 693-4441
903 407-0130

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